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ZACH WILLIAMS : Chain Breaker – Deluxe Edition. (Provident : 83061 10802 1)
A year after its initial release, this deluxe edition carries extra tracks due to the demand for Zach’s music. This Arkansas native has suffered many storms in his life, but he’s battled back thanks to God’s redeeming grace. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the album at first, as Zach’s vocal delivery was so aggressive. But, has the tracks progressed, this southern rocker grew on me. Let’s get one thing clear about this album, it’s almost entirely made up of songs praising Jesus. Lyrics are straight to the point and that’s a real plus point. “Old Church Choir” is a really good pop song, and one that should gain lots of radio lay. Saying that, “Survivor” is even better. This time Zach tells of being rescued from the “grip of sin.” There’s more praise on “My Liberty,” while the ballad “Everything Changed” tells of Jesus casting out fears. If you like the sound of Third Day, then I think this will appeal to you. Fifteen tracks on offer, and some tasty ones too. 8/10. (June 2018)
ZACH WILLIAMS : Rescue Story. (Provident)
Zach Williams is back with his first single from his next album – “Rescue Story.” The song tells Zach’s testimony and will remind listeners that nothing they do will ever be greater than God’s grace because He sent his son to rescue us from all of our sins! Indeed, Zach begins the song with a vocal quality that cries to Jesus. “And now where would I be without you Where would I be? Jesus.” The song has a mid-tempo pace and builds with the added addition of some great backing. From that initial cry in his voice, Zach praises Jesus for all He has done. The result is a very personal song that I’m sure many of us will relate to. 8/10. (July 2019)
ZOE GIRL : With All of My Heart - The Greatest Hits. (Sparrow : SPD11572)
Zoegirl's self-titled debut album scored an impressive four Top 5 radio hits, back in 2000. Now, with more than a million albums sold world wide, the trio have released this "Greatest Hits" compilation. And, it's interesting to note just how the girl's music has changed over the years. From the sugary Steps type of disco, they've gone through a little Rnb, mellow pop, and edgy pop/rock. The dance feel comes through on "I Believe" and "Unchangeable", both singing the praises of our Lord. "About You" sees them move into Avril Lavigne type territory, and is quite a good song, too. "Dismissed" is the RnB number on offer, while "Beautiful Name" scores the highest with me. The song is quite rocky, and well produced. Zoe Girl make no apology about their approach as missionaries to today's youth culture, especially young girls, and this album should win them lots of new fans. 8/10. (May 2006) Forward to the next archive
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