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The ESL Mission Statement (sort of)

ESL (Eternal Sound & Light) exists primarily to serve God and to have a lot of fun in the process. We always aim to do the best for those employing our services, and if we break even then that helps. Being purely volunteer-based obviously assists this. However, it does make long tours or gigs involving late nights or early set-ups very difficult (but not impossible).

The business is split into three parts, the disco, the PA and the lighting. Our aim is to make artists look and sound as good as if not better than they really are and we will do our best for them whether they are U2 or the support band to the support band to some kid that once got guitar lessons for her birthday. Despite the business-like way in which we run things, ESL is still a hobby for everyone involved; we enjoy what we do and try to help artists do the same.

The areas we are normally involved with are live music, theatre, church services (including outdoor events) and discos.

We are all Christians, and members of local churches. However, that doesn't mean you have to be to book us.


Since moving to London we’re not as active as we used to be (more stressful jobs, less time for hobbies, all our contacts being in Hull, that sort of thing) but are still interested in doing the odd thing to help.

Some previous gigs…

Apologies for the photos, it's hard holding a camera/camcorder whilst mixing/lighting...

Cambridge Theological Federation May Ball, June 2004

After the Fire, Greenbelt, August 2004 (Paul mixing)

Helen Turner and Paul Davies, Nottingham, September 2004

Miles Cain and band, same gig

London Community Gospel Choir, London, October 2004

After the Fire, Stafford, May 2005 courtesy of Ian Egner