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February 2019                                       										    Volume 28.4

William Getumbe is a gospel artist/songwriter based in Eldoret, Kenya. He says; “I have a desire to grow, impact my society and the world positively. Also i have a desire to help the less fortunate in our communities through my songs/music.”

Although he can sing in English, his latest recordings are in Swahili because both the Kenyan and East African community, who have millions of people, understand that language. William goes on to say; “The first impression in my heart was to reach them and minister to them. My songs are worship songs, praise songs and inspirational songs too.”

William hopes to be invited to minister his songs (Swahili or English) in the future, or to speak/preach. There is also a warm welcome to anyone who feels led to visit  Kenya and be a blessing /encouragement in any way.

William’s YouTube Channel is here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9dZd604An69uezQ4pWTHg

Alternatively, read William’s introductions and follow these links to individual songs:

1 NITAKUSIFU. This song is about praise songs from the book of Psalms 138. David says I will praise you with all my heart.
And  that’s the theme of the songs, praising God with our hearts for all the things He’s done as well as because of salvation, healing , gift of life. Here in Africa, we praise God with songs, dance. It’s a happy song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCmcUoCdxh8

SAUTI IKASEMA. Sauti ikasema, comes from Exodus 3, Moses and the burning bush, God speaks out of the burning bush and tells Moses this is Holy Ground. Because it’s holy ground, remove your shoes and Moses does exactly that and God sends him forth. In holy ground we worship God because, of the unique presence of God and power of God. In holy ground we humble ourselves and honour God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoIsAhCcAWs

NYESA MVUA talks of Joel 2;23. God says I will give you both the former and later rain. Last year 2018 we had destructive drought in Kenya. Animals,   wildlife, and human beings died due to the drought. This is a prayer song, asking God to rain, let it rain oh God, because we need the rain. I‘ve also captured the spiritual side of our lives, asking God not only to rain physically but to rain in our hearts, salvation, healing , unity , love. We had presidential and other elections in 2017 which left many divided, and thus Nyesa Mvua captures the prayer that God will heal our nation Kenya.

Please see this month’s Prayer Requests (below) to specifically pray for William.

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MARILYN BAKER says; “I am in the middle of recording my new album. Please make this a matter of real prayer especially for Andy Greene, the producer, that he will be inspired. Pray for beautiful song arrangements, for my equipment and anointing on my voice as I record some of my vocal parts at home, there have been some technical issues which have threatened to disrupt everything, and pray for all aspects of the CD’s design and distribution.”

WILLIAM GETUMBE asks for prayer for his community and immediate areas of needs, which include: Bibles, (English and Swahili), Clothes, Warm Blankets, Help for orphans, widows, the old, and youths.


25th February 2019