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October 2017                                        										    Volume 26.12
MISTER KEITH and his mini orchestra are currently on a ten date tour of unique parlour concerts for LIVE&LOCAL rural touring.

“This tour is about gathering the community in unusual places and telling stories of life, love and loss through great songs.
When I was writing and recording the latest album ‘Record of Wrongs’ I knew that these were the type of concerts the music
was being written for. When I discovered the Rural Touring network, the match was perfect.”

Mister Keith will be touring ten venues across five counties between September and January. All of the venues will be intimate to allow the songs to fire the imagination.

“It’s a very eclectic show and suitable or all ages. Alongside some glorious music from the multi-instrumental mini orchestra, there are
some great moments of spontaneity. You’ll be singing as a choir, writing a song on the spot and joining the band!”

Among the many musicians on tour with Mister Keith is the well-known percussionist Chip Bailey (who works with Duke Special) who’ll perform on all shows.

This tour comes hot on the heels of performances at Eroica Festival, Derbyshire, where Mister Keith supported eighties band ABC and then played to a late-night capacity Arts Tent – leading hundreds in a singalong! The rest of the summer was spent teaching young people how to write songs at various
summer residentials.

“The show is very interactive. I want to take the audience on a journey with the songs and tell stories that resonate with
their own experiences.” Songwriting is indeed important for Mister Keith. Writing for 32 years, he has produced 14 albums, written with, performed with and interviewed many leading artists. He has also led songwriting workshops in many countries and appeared on BBC, iTV, Five and MTV.

hello@misterkeith.com or call: 07702 75 25 45  


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Geoff Howlett,

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MARILYN BAKER MINISTRIES: Over the years the Lord has blessed us with wonderful team to assist with driving and carrying equipment. Recently several members have had to cut back more, or are struggling with health issues. Please pray the Lord blesses each and that He provides extra help for us when needed.

Yorkshire based singer/songwriter JOE KING reports that in 2016 he was on his back for about 5 months. Unfortunately, after seeing all the top specialists, he’s been left with 10% constant pain. They can't do anything else to help. He’s presently attending a pain management service. Please pray for Joe’s healing through God’s almighty power.


25TH October 2017