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UK Gospel Concert Promoter, Greg Diwell, has set up a setup a facebook page called Gospel Singers and Musicians to try and encourage churches to have gospel music evenings which in turn can increase their congregation. This is a non- profit venture with the view to get work for the artistes and spread the word.All details email,contact numbers etc are on the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=gospel%20singers%20and%20musicians

Phil Cross has announced the return of his popular group, POET VOICES, as a quartet – the first time in 15 years!

Beginning January 2018, Poet Voices will embark on a brand new tour with some familiar faces and extraordinary voices joining Phil: Donny Henderson (long-time Poet Voices member who originally joined in 1999,) Nic Holland (originally joined in 2000, and a new face to the group, Brandon Barry. The quartet will travel with a live band on select dates.

Audiences across the world have enjoyed and been ministered to by the extraordinary songwriting talents of Phil Cross. Along with new music written by Cross, Poet Voices will perform some of Phil’s most loved songs made popular by the group – “I Am Redeemed,” “Jesus Built A Bridge,” One Holy Lamb,” “Grace and Glory” and more – along with Cross compositions made popular by other artists – “Wedding Music” by the Cathedrals, “Miracle In Me” by the Speers, “When I Get Carried Away” by Gold City, “Yes, I Am” by the Hoppers, along with the iconic tune, “Champion Of Love” made popular by the Cathedrals.

A new project, Extraordinary, is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2018.

HAWK NELSON have released their first new digital single in more than two years in anticipation of their forthcoming album. The new song, "He Still Does (Miracles)," is the debut single from their new studio album, Miracles (Fair Trade Records), which is set to release on April 6, 2018.  

“I feel like the very existence of our band after 15 years is a miracle in itself… and within that miracle are thousands of other miracles... stories of God moving in amazing ways, both big and small," shares Hawk Nelson's front man Jonathon Steingard. "Thinking on these things reminds me how beautiful and special a life we’ve been given as children of God - that He isn’t some far-off creator who is hands-off, but an active loving Father who is present and working in our daily lives."

The new album, Miracles, will be the band's eight studio album. The project is three-years in the making and the most global creation they've worked on together. From the beginning they sensed this to be an album they could look back on and be proud of as it was written so memorably and uniquely backstage at concerts and studios from all over the world as they traveled. They continued that global feel by filming a video for the single in Iceland this fall.

NEWSBOYS will welcome back to the stage former bandmates Peter Furler and Phil Joel for the 2018 "Newsboys United Tour," showcasing "all the hits... under one roof... for one tour."

Along with an electrifying headlining set led by frontman Michael Tait and longtime members Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein and Jody Davis, Newsboys United will see Furler and Joel join the group for many of the most popular hits of the band's three-decade career. The “Newsboys United Tour” will also feature special guest Word Worship recording artist Zealand, which is founded and fronted by Joel.

“We’re so excited for Peter and Phil to join us on the road next year,” said Newsboys’ Michael Tait. “Taking the stage with two men who indelibly shaped the history of this band will be an unforgettable experience for us all. We can’t wait to share these special moments with our fans as well.”

"I’m stoked to reunite with the Newsboys,” said Peter Furler. “It’s going to be brilliant to jam with the lads once again."

“I’m really excited to share the stage with the guys again,” added Phil Joel. “The timing and heart behind this tour feels so right and I’m pumped for Newsboys fans both past and present to join us!”

AUTHENTIC MEDIA RELEASES….. A VeggieTales omnibus edition that shows kids how special and loved they are by their family, friends and God is now available. The Veggie Kids have a question for Larry: how can we know that God loves us? In a colourful tale told with story and song, Larry paints a picture of how much God loves us all - no matter what!

This omnibus edition also includes: Rack, Shack and Benny (Handling Peer Pressure), Gideon: Tuba Warrior (Trust), The Ballad of Little Joe (Facing Hardship)….. WOW Gospel 2018 is the premier annual collection of top selling artists from Traditional to Contemporary Gospel. This power packed compilation returns with the best in Gospel music, Praise & Worship anthems and top ballads to hit radio this year. The WOW Gospel 2018 double CD set features 30 top tracks from legendary & ground breaking gospel talents such as Travis Greene, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs Leonard,Tamela Mann and many more!.... Ernie Haase and Band are back with their first new album in nearly almost three years! Clear Skies exhibits a cornucopia of musical styles and themes from the modern, "My Hallelujah," to the 1975 Imperials classic arrangement of "Give Them All To Jesus," to the fresh and appealing "Sailing With Jesus." Fans are always expecting out-of-the-box moments and masterful production from this talented foursome. This recording will exceed all expectations as the first single, "Give Me Jesus," is already in the Top 5 of the national radio charts while the concept music video, filmed in Northern Ireland has already obtained over 5000,000 views across all social media outlets.

Multi Dove Award-winning and Grammy-nominated artist CHRISTIAN DAVIS has signed with Turnberry Records and Management Team, a division of The Bluegrass Standard Magazine. It is a rarity in any genre of musical entertainment that someone comes along with an individual talent that can captivate an audience for an entire performance. Even more of a rarity is when someone comes along with not only the God given talent, but the heart and compassion to make a difference.

Over the past 10 years, Christian has endeared himself to a wide audience as gospel, bluegrass and country fans have embraced his deep, rich vocals and easy-going personality on and off stage. Fans have marveled at his vocal talent and he quickly became a crowd favourite at shows across the world.

Davis states “Joining Turnberry Records is genuinely exciting for me! Not only is Turnberry my first solo record label, but Keith was the first promoter who booked me and my band after departing Dailey & Vincent as he gave me a platform to bring this incredible music to life.

Embarking on a new solo venture, Christian’s next album will meld styles of “traditional back porch bluegrass” with a little bit of “new grass.” The new album is being co-produced by Christian Davis and Keith Barnacastle along with Grammy award-winning producer, Wayne Haun.

Singer/Songwriter DARYL BOYER’s single "Never Looking Back" topped the Christian Music Weekly's (CMW) Christian Country Chart at #1 just before Christmas. This is the first #1 song for the artist, who is currently at work on his next album, Love Reigns.

The heartfelt song, originally released to Christian AC  found an unexpected home on Christian Country shows and stations across the USA, debuting  at #19 on the CMW chart and climbing to the top spot . "Never Looking Back" tells the story of a woman turning to prayer at key crisis moments of her life, while the bridge affirms "You see the Lord declares us priceless, while the world declares us weak, By the precious blood of Jesus, we find victory."

Daryl has recently announced an ongoing campaign with the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for his friends and fans to assist in raising the funds needed to finish and release Love Reigns, of which "Never looking Back" is the first hit single. For more info go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-reigns-studio-album-daryl-boyer#/


Multi-platinum selling alternative rock band SWITCHFOOT has announced plans for an extended hiatus in 2018, after 20 years of touring and crafting chart-topping music. The beloved CCM staple shared the news in a handwritten letter to fans:

Friends, This year we celebrated our 20th year as Switchfoot, and we are so very thankful for all of you who have shared this journey with us. It has been an honor to be your band. These are your songs, not just our own. Thank you. Truly. You have no idea how much you have inspired us through the years.

As you read this, we are home in San Diego with our families, and we are so grateful to be here for the holidays! As this year ends, we're entering into a new season, a season of home. For the first time in twenty years, we are taking an extended break.

We're embracing this new season with open arms and excitement, strengthening the roots that have made us who we are. We are brothers, sons, husbands, fathers and for now, we are home.

We do have a few shows already scheduled for next year that we will play, but beyond that, we will be off the road for the foreseeable future... This hiatus is a celebration of where we've been together. Thank you for being such a huge part of our journey.

We love you all.

Still learning to breathe, and live it well,

Jon, Tim, Chad, Drew, Jerome.

BUILDING 429 are showcased on the compilation 'Glory Defined: The Biggest Hits Of Building 429'. Featuring such songs as the title track, "The Space Is Between Us" and "Fearless", it is issued in the Word Records Top Ten Collection series.

Resound Media artist, NYASHA T is Native to Zimbabwe and is naturally elated at the recent Landmark Political Developments there. The message in Nyasha’s latest release, No Fear out in January 2018, is one of Hope and Faith which he sees reflected in his Homeland. Following the initial excitement, the real work begins and Nyasha has issued a humble statement: “I Wanted to say congratulations to my home country Zimbabwe. After 37 years of being under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, now we are free to move forward in a new positive direction. My parents sadly left Zimbabwe when I was 12 in 2003, when things got really bad. I know much has changed since, but one thing I know is people still found joy in tough situations. I pray the new leader brings more joy than distress. Are we to be ruled by another leader who will not leave office, or will the country return to prosperity. All I can do is pray for my country and I hope you will join me in prayer now for this hopeful nation.” Nyasha’s Prayer for Zimbabwe

“Save the children who are living in poverty.

Save the people who are sick and in need.

As you saved us from a leader who did not want change,

Lord protect us from those that would want to harm our Dear Zimbabwe.

Save us Lord and protect our Dear Zimbabwe, Amen”

Nyasha’s No Fear for the New Year campaign will see him release a weekly video blog throughout January 2018 around people overcoming their fears, enabling them to go on and achieve great things. Nyasha hopes that for the people of Zimbabwe they can now look to 2018 with positivity and not fear.

Multi-Platinum artist, best-selling author and acclaimed actor MICHAEL W. SMITH releases for the first time in his career two, all new albums in one month, both his studio album A Million Lights (Feb. 16) and the live worship album Surrounded (Feb. 23) from Rocketown Records and The Fuel Music.

In many ways, Michael is a statesman, at the fulcrum of Christian music in pivotal moments. It is said that the heart of a lion never goes away, and Michael isn’t content staying with the equilibrium. At a loss for what his voice should be toward the end of 2016, this prolific artist comes roaring back with two full-length albums in a countercultural response to the divisive national sentiment of 2017 and the mean-spirited banter on social media.

With Surrounded, Michael’s desire is to unify the Church’s diverse expressions into one passionate, joyful cry of worship. Gathering worshippers around him and his band Nov. 2 for an intimate, set in the round recording of Surrounded at The Factory / Jamison Hall in Franklin, TN, Michael shares: “I feel God moving through His Church and He is calling us together to be one voice and one heart. One bride. Every nation, every tribe and every tongue. Every social class, every denomination. What if we bring Him the thing that pleases Him most– our unity,” implores Michael. “We may each have different stories, and skin, and songs, but we all share His same Spirit.”

Leading a diverse chorus of voices, Michael’s new worship album features 12 tracks, including the declarative “Surrounded (Fight My Battles),” which is now available as a digital single. Watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBl84oZxnJ4

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