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U.K.  GIG & EVENT GUIDE   2017


2   SOUTHPORT, King’s Gardens.   Sonfest.   www.sonfestsouthport.org

2   MANCHESTER, Command Prayer Centre.   Why Are WE Here – Album Launch.   07475755576

9   ELSTERNWICK, Methodist Church.   Paul Field.   www.paulfield.com

13   DUNDEE.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

14   STIRLING.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

16   WATERLOOVILLE, Cowplain Evangelical Church.   Graham Kendrick.   www.grahamkendrick.co.uk

16   GAMLINGAY, Baptist Church.   The Still Time Band.   07776482452

16   GREENOCK.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

16   LONDON, Globe Academy.   3rd Annual Awareness Event – Child Sexual Abuse Must Stop.   www.achildiscrying.eventbrite.co.uk

17   BIRMINGHAM, Aberdeen Street Church.   One Worship Service.   www.facebook.com/LIFE-426337577402623/

17   CHANDLERS FORD, Velm ore Centre.   Paul Poulton.   www.paulpoulton.com

17   EASTLEIGH, Baptist Church.   Graham Kendrick.   www.grahamkendrick.co.uk

22   LEEDS. The worship Roadshow – For Choirs, Ministers & Instrumentalists,   www.popupworship.co.uk

23  BIRMINGHAM.   Rising to Another Level Gospel Concert.   www.litania.co.uk

23   MELBOURNE, Assembly Rooms.  Jonathan Veira.   www.jonathanveira.com

29   SELBY, Salvation Army Hall.   Paul Wheater.   01405760314

29   LICHFIELD.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

29-Oct 1   MORECAMBE, The Platform.   Gospel Bayfest.   www.gospelbayfest.com

30   LONDON, Ruach City Church.   Juanita Francis – EP Launch.   http://juanitafrancis.com


1   SEVENOAKS, Otford Methodist Church.   Jonathan Veira.   www.jonathanveira.com

6   CHELMSFORD.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

7   BIRMINGHAM, New Bingley Hall.   Dr Rebecca Malope.   www.rainbowentertainment.co.uk

19   BILLINGHAM, Forum.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

20   GLENROTHES, Rothes Hall.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

21   MOTHERWELL, Concert Hall.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

21   NEWPORT PAGNALL.   Jonathan Veira.   www.jonathanveira.com

22   INVERNESS, Eden Court.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

24   WHITLEY BAY, Playhouse.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

25   AYR, Gaiety Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

27   BARNSTAPLE, Queens Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

27   SELBY, Salvation Army Hall.   Gus Eyre.   01405 760314

28   TRURO, Hall for Cornwall.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

29   TORQUAY, Princess Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com


2   LOWESTOFT, Marina Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

3   EASTBOURNE.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

4   BASILDON, Towngate Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

8   SWINDON, Wyvern Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

9   WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Playhouse.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

10   MILTON KEYNES, The Stables.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

10   EASTBOURNE.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

12   KING’S LYNN, Corn Exchange.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

13   LIVERPOOL, Philharmonic.   Charlie Landsborough.   http://www.charlielandsborough.com

17   IPSWICH.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

18   BIRMINGHAM, Bethel Convention Centre.   Travis Greene.   www.rainbowentertainment.co.uk

24   SELBY, Salvation Army Hall.   Diadem.   01405 760314

25   CROXLEY GREEN.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org


15   SELBY, Salvation Army Hall.   Christmas Music Evening.   01405 760314


19-21   NEWPORT PAGNELL, De Vere Venues.   Wisdom for Women International Retreat.   www.wisdomforwomeninternational.org


22   NORTH WALTHAM.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org


9   CARMARTHEN.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

10   ABERYSTWYTH.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

24   STOKESLEY.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

25   ASKHAM BRYAN.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org


21   CHELTENHAM.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org


3   TRURO.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

12   SHEFFIELD.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org


2   BROADMAYNE.   Garth Hewitt.   www.garthhewitt.org

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