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U.K.  GIG & EVENT GUIDE   2019


1   DORSET, Three Legged Cross.   Marilyn Baker.  01732 850855

1   BISHOP AUCKLAND, St John’s 6th Form College.   Noel & Tricia Richards.    https://www.noelandtricia.com/schedule

2   STRATFORD, Circus Arts Centre.   Lurine Cato, Sarah Teibo, Aaron T Aaron, Rony Padilla, Victor T Daniel, Mr Cee, Muriel Oduro, Michael Odewale, Catharina Abiola James.   https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/turn-up/

2   TODMORDEN, Roomfield.   John Froud.   office@zephaniah.org.uk

2   EAST YORKSHIRE, Newport, St Stephens Church.   Noel & Tricia Richards.    https://www.noelandtricia.com/schedule

3   LONDON, O2 Indigo.   Emmanuel Smith in Concert.   https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/emmanuel-smith-live-in-concert/

6   PONTEFRACT, All Saints Church.  Noel & Tricia Richards.    https://www.noelandtricia.com/schedule

7   TONBRIDGE, Derwent Day Centre.   Marilyn Baker.  01732 850855

7   LEOMINSTER, Balance Inn.   Noel & Tricia Richards.    https://www.noelandtricia.com/schedule

7-9   EALING, Christian Centre.   Kingdom Encounter ’19.  https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/kingdom-encounter-19-london/

7-9   ABERDEEN, The Father’s House Church.   Ignite Revival – Kingdom Come Conference.  https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/ignite-revival-kingdom-come-conference/


8   BODMIN, St Petroc’s Church.   Noel & Tricia Richards.    https://www.noelandtricia.com/schedule

9   AYLESBURY, Torch Group.   Marilyn Baker.    01732 850855

10   SALTAIRE, Methodists Church.   John Froud.   office@zephaniah.org.uk

10   GLOUCESTER, Wotton House.   Praise & Worship.

10   MILTON KEYNES, The Stables.   Mister Keith & His Orchestra.   01908 280800.

11   LONDON, Criterion Theatre.   Take Me Back Gospel Musical.   https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/take-me-back-westend/

15-16   HULL, Revive Church.   Resonate Worship & Creative Summit.   www.revivechurch.co.uk

16   CROYDEN, Trinity Baptist Church.   Joe Mettle in Concert.   www.joemettlelondon19.eventbrite.co.uk

16   HACKNEY, Evolutionary Arts.   Jazz Fest : Christian Scott, Acestral Recall.   https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/christian-scott-tickets/artist/1051303

16   LONDON, The Garage.   Powerquest & League of Lights.  https://leagueoflights.com/tour/gig-375/

19   BATTLE, Penhurst Retreat Centre.   Hearts on Fore, with Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855

20   SOUTHAMPTON, Central Hall.   John Mark McMillan & The Bright Explosion.   www.stabal.com

20   LEEDS. God Will Make A Way.   https://www.meetup.com/Leeds-Christian-Meetup/

21   BRISTOL.   .   John Mark McMillan, Orphan No More  www.stabal.com

21-23   CHATHAM, KICC Prayer City.   The Winning Women Conference 2019.   http://www.winning-women.org.uk/

22   LONDON.   John Mark McMillan, Rivers & Robots.   www.stabal.com

22   LEEDS.   Night of Worship Concert.   www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/night-of-worship-leeds-tickets-72450428181

23   NEWCASTLE, Trinity Church.   Wise Up, Rise Up Conference.   https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/wise-up-rise-up/

23   WIRRAL, URC Hall.   Christian Reilly at Laughing Bishops Comedy Night.  https://kingdomguide.co.uk/events/laughing-bishops-comedy-club-23rd-nov-with-christian-reilly/

23-24   NORTH WALSHAM, Salvation Army.   01732 850855

Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855

24   HELSTON.   John Froud.   office@zephaniah.org.uk

26   SEVENOAKS, St Nick’s.   Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855

27   HUDDERSFIELD, Oasis Centre.   Michael Ramplin & Friends.   noelonbass@yahoo.co.uk

29   RAWCLIFFE, Gospel Hall.   Paul Wheater.   01405760314 or 07941147139

30   LEAMINGTON SPA, Temperance Bar.   Mr Keith.   01926 737233.

30/1-12   GRANTHAM, Baptist Church.   Marilyn Baker.  01732 850855


8   BILLERICAY, Emmanuel Church.   Gaham Kendrick.   https://www.ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/graham-kendrick

10   LONDON, 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.   Skillet.    www.ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/skillet


13   RAWCLFFE, Gospel Hall.   Christmas Music.   01405760314 or 07941147139

14   NORFOLK, Canaan Christian Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855

15   MOSBOROUGH, Elim Church.   John Froud.   office@zephaniah.org.uk


18   DERBYSHIRE, Doe Lea Resource Centre.   Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/

29   STOCKTON ON TEES.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://springharvest.org/local

30   OTLEY.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://springharvest.org/local


4   BEDFORD.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://springharvest.org/local

5   CHELMSFORD.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://springharvest.org/local

6   BASINGSTOKE.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://springharvest.org/local

19   SOUTH SCARLE, Community Centre.  Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/


20   SOUTH LUFFENHAM, Village Hall.    Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/

21   LEAMINGTON SPA, Temperance Bar.   Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/


24   TUTBURY, Village Hall.   Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/

25   CLENT, Parish Hall.   Mr Keith & His Orchestra.   https://www.facebook.com/verymisterkeith/

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