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U.K.  GIG & EVENT GUIDE   2023


4-5   WALSALL, Grace International Centre.   Healing is Here Conference.   https://awme.net/events/542_healing_is_here_2023_walsall

5   GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Woodcroft Christian Centre.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

6   MOTHERWELL, Elim Christian Centre.   Ladies Aspire Conference with Rachel Hickson. https://allevents.in/motherwell/ladies-aspire-conference/10000458702500527#

11   CAMBRIDGE, Christ Church.  Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour

12   OXFORD, St Ebbe’s Church.  Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour


12   DUMFRIES, The Centre.   Healing is Here Conference.   https://awme.net/events/543_healing_is_here_2023_dumfries

13   MANCHESTER, City Church.   Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour

14   RICHILL, Presbyterian Church.   Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour

16   LONDON, Brixton Jamm.   Asha Elia, Annatoria, Stioll Shadey.    https://astepfwd.com/event/lifted-tour-london/

16   NEWTOWNARDS, Scrabo Hall.   Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour

17   BALLYMENA, Wellington Presbyterian Church.   Andrew Peterson.   https://www.andrew-peterson.com/tour

18   BRISTOL, Loco Club.   Asha Elia, Annatoria, Stioll Shadey.    https://astepfwd.com/event/lifted-tour-london/

19   MANCHESTER, Canvas.   Asha Elia, Annatoria, Stioll Shadey.    https://astepfwd.com/event/lifted-tour-london/

19   BEVERLEY, St Nicholas’ Church.   Yvonne Lyon.   https://www.stnicholaschurchbeverley.co.uk

20   READING, Greyfriars Church.   Compassion Volunteer Conference.   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/volunteer-conference-reading-tickets-518671629807

20   EXETER, Cathedral.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

20   CAMBRIDGE, St Benet’s Church.   Augustine & Learning the Christian Faith with Cally Hammond.   https://www.stbenetschurch.org/events/augustine-and-the-christian-faith

21   BIRMINGHAM, Mama Roux’s.   Asha Elia, Annatoria, Stioll Shadey.    https://astepfwd.com/event/lifted-tour-london/

23   BLACKPOOL, Spencer Court Community Centre.   TaskJesus Praise & Worship Night.   https://llrministries.org/

26-27   LIVERPOOL, M&S Bank Arena.   Braveheart Conference.   https://braveheartconference.co.uk/

28-29   WEST SUSSEX, Wiston Estate.   Big Church Day Out.   https://www.bigchurchfestival.com



1   DUDLEY, Dormston Mill Theatre.   It Is Well With My Soul – Musical.   https://www.itiswellmusical.com

1-3   BIRMINGHAM, NEC.   Grace & Faith Conference with Andrew Wommack Ministries.   https://awme.net/events/535_grace_&_faith_2023

2   HOUNSLOW, The Arts Centre.   It Is Well With My Soul – Musical.   https://www.itiswellmusical.com

3   WEST BROMICH, Bethel Convention Centre.   Israel Houghton & New Breed.   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-his-presence-worship-concert-live-with-israel-new-breed-tickets-579626116317

3   LONDON, The Chelsea Theatre.   It Is Well With My Soul – Musical.   https://www.itiswellmusical.com

4   WITNEY, The Corn Exchange.   It Is Well With My Soul – Musical.   https://www.itiswellmusical.com

16-17   MANCHESTER, Audacious Church.   Luminous Conference.   https://audaciouschurch.com/luminous/

24-26   SWINDON.   CVM : The Gathering – Men’s Conference.   https://thegatheringformen.com/


3-4   LONDON, Union Chapel.   Mavis Staples.   https://mavisstaples.com/

8   HIMLEY HALL & PARK, Together  Christian Festival featuring Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

8 YARNFIELD STONE.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

14   THIRSK, Hollybush Christian Fellowship.   Cedarwood Festival.   https://allevents.in/galashiels/cedarwood-festival-2023/200023470364320

15-21   CUMBRIA, The Pencil Factory.   Keswick Convention Week 1.   https://www.visitlakedistrict.com/whats-on/keswick-convention-2023-p1876731

22-28   CUMBRIA, The Pencil Factory.   Keswick Convention Week 2.   https://www.visitlakedistrict.com/whats-on/keswick-convention-2023-p1876731

26-28   GUILFORD, G Live.   Shout Conference Europe 2023.   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/shout-conference-europe-2023-tickets-387531646587

26 - Aug 5   MAIDSTONE, Kent Event Centre.   New Wine : United.   https://www.new-wine.org/events/united22/

27-30   NEWARK, Showground.   Holy Trinity Brompton - Focus Event.    https://htb.org/focus

29   RAVENSCOURT, Arts Theatre.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

29-Aug 4   CUMBRIA, The Pencil Factory.   Keswick Convention Week 3.   https://www.visitlakedistrict.com/whats-on/keswick-convention-2023-p1876731


3-5   WADEBRIDGE, Royal Cornwall EventsCentre.   Creation Fest.   https://creationfest.org.uk/

19   MILTON KEYNES, Cat Fest featuring Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

25-28   LINCOLNSHIRE SHOWGROUND.   Awaken Event.  https://awakenevent.uk/

25-28   STEYNING, Wiston Estate.   David’s Tent.   https://astepfwd.com/event/davids-tent-3/


8   SUFFOLK, St Mark’s.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

9   WITHAM PUBLIC HALL.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

16   MAZE, Presbyterian Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

22   VIEWPARK, Parish Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

24   MOTHERWELL, South Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

24   LONDON, O2 Academy Islington.   Limoblaze in Concert.   https://www.limoblaze.com

30   THETFORD, Liberty Church.   Flourish Ladies conference featuring Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour


6   BOLTON, Triangle Community Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

13   WILTSHIRE, St Paul’s Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

21   YATELY, St Peter’s Church.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour


25   STAFFORDSHIRE, Erasmus Darwin Academy.   Phlippa Hanna.   https://philippahanna.com/#tour

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