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U.K.  GIG & EVENT GUIDE   2018


3   FILEY, Evron Centre.   Paul Wheater.   01377 253401

3   NUNEATON, Life Church, Bedworth.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://www.springharvest.org/local/

4   WOKING, Church of the Good Shepherd.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://www.springharvest.org/local/

5   CANTERBURY, Baptist Church.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://www.springharvest.org/local/

5   CALDERWOOD, Acoustic Coffee.   Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com

5   CROWHURST, Christian Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

6   CANTERBURY, Baptist Church.   Spring Harvest Local.   https://www.springharvest.org/local/

6   LYMM, Sanctuary Café.   Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com

6   BILSTON, Stowlawn Church.   Paul Poulton Project.   http://www.paulpoulton.com

8-12   Gloucestershire, Lindors Country House Hotel.   Connecting with God – Marilyn Baker.   www.christianguild.co.uk/lindors/interestbreaks,php

12   JARROW, Grange Road Baptist.   Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com

13   RIDING MILL, Millenium Hall.   Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com

16   ESHER, Sandown Park.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

17   FILEY, Evron Centre.   Paul Wheater.   01377 253401

20   HUTHWAITE.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

21   NOTTINGHAM, Hope Church.   Paul Bell.   0115 824 6710

21   BARNET, Christian Fellowship.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

24   FILEY, Evron Centre.   Paul Wheater.   01377 253401

24   BATTLE, Ashburnham Place.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

25   LONDON, 37 Fitzroy Street.   Women Worship Gospel Music Award.   07454748367

26   SELBY, The Church at the Crossroads.   Sharon Sewell.   01405 760314


2   WISBECH.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

3   LEEDS.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

5-9   POOLE, Greenhouse Christian Centre.   Transforming Love, with Marilyn Baker.   www.the-greenhouse.org

9   DARLINGTON.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

14   CANNOCK, Living Springs.   Paul Poulton Project.   http://www.paulpoulton.com

16   BELFORD, Bellview Resource Centre. Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com


17   AYLSHAM, ACT Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

17   MACCLESFIELD.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

17   PETERHEAD, Zion Church,   Matthew James Album Launch.   07920487211.

18   DERBY.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

20   SEVENOAKES, St Nicholas.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

23   OVINGHAM, St Mary’s Church.   Gareth Davies-Jones.   info@garethdavies-jones.com

24   GRAVESEND.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

29   TONBRIDGE, Baptist Church.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

30   SELBY, The Church at the Crossroads.   CJ Myers.   01405 760314


4   HAMBLETON, The Owl Hotel.   Paul Wheater.   01377 253401

6   WOKING.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

8   SLEAFORD.   Paul Bell.   https://paulbellmusic.com

8   SHERINGHAM, Canaan Christian Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

12     FILEY, Evron Centre.   Paul Wheater.   01377 253401

14   SELBY, The Church at the Crossroads.   Christmas Music Evening..   01405 760314

16   WINYATES GREEN, Community Centre.   Paul Poulton Project.   http://www.paulpoulton.com


30   LEEDS, The Barn.   Paul Poulton Project.   http://www.paulpoulton.com


3   HUDDERSFIELD, Elim Church.   Paul Poulton Project. (Lunchtime)   http://www.paulpoulton.com

3   BRADFORD, Costa Coffee. (Evening)   Paul Poulton Project.   http://www.paulpoulton.com

25-1/3   POOLE, The Greenhouse Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org


11-13   EASTBOURNE, Parche Care Homes.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

25-29   HURSTPIERPOINT, Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre.   Marilyn Baker.   www.mbm-ministries.org

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