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Welcome to the CCM Record Reviews archive

At long last we've got round to putting these archives into some sort of order. The "sort of order" we've gone for is alphabetic, by artist (original, eh?). All artists are sorted by first name: this means that reviews of "Geoff Howlett" and "Geoff Howlett and the NFNs" are stored together. Artists starting with a number are treated as though it was the word (1=”One”, 4=”Four” etc.) Generally “The” is ignored, so “The NFNs” are filed under “NFNs”. But we’re not always that consistent…

All compilations are filed under "Various Artists" unless they're from a titled series or event (such as "Your 1000 best worship songs in the key of G#" or "Live from Fred's Front Room").

The Archives

Each review also notes when it appeared, together with "Album of the Month". The reason for the archives starting in April is that NFN first appeared on the WWW then. We're not accountants, OK?

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